During this year’s Zoute Grand Prix in Knokke, we had some private time with the EQ Silver Arrow.

On the verge of an electric dawn, the automotive industry is shaping up for one of the biggest changes the industry has ever had to endure. This change not only challenges the brands in terms of technical innovations, but it also challenges them in terms of design. What does the future look like? Well, Mercedes their take on the future looks like this: the Vision EQ Silver Arrow.

Mercedes-Benz is hard at work in terms of designing their future and for their new design, the brand is looking at its long history for inspiration. Mercedes-Benz’s chief designer, Gordon Wagener, has recently overseen the design of the Vision Simplex and the Vision EQ Silver Arrow. Both of these cars literally draw their lines from past models. The latter is based on the 1937 W125 Silver Arrow, hence the name of this concept.

Seeing and photographing the Vision EQ Silver Arrow show car was a thing. Damn does it look good in real life. If you ever have the chance to see it in the flesh, do it.

The flamboyant shapes won’t translate into something that will hit the road, but the LED-brow and the rose gold accents are something that will translate into EV-production models.

According to Mercedes, the EQ Silver Arrow isn’t just all show. It packs a 750 HP drivetrain that can push the car to a hundred in under 2 seconds. Something that promises good things when we think about what AMG might ever turn into…