Is it steampunk? Is it something from a western movie? Nope, it’s the Mercedes Simplex and simply a concept. A Damn cool one though.

Landing just slightly after the IAA, Mercedes-Benz brings forth a concept that takes us way back. Back to 1901 when the brand competed in the Nice-La Turbie race with a car the Mercedes Vision Simplex is based on, the Mercedes 35 HP to be precise. The concept bears great similarities with the 35 HP model, but interprets them into the year 2050.

Let’s make one thing clear; this Mercedes Vision Simplex is nothing more than a non-functioning model and some digital renders. The Mercedes Vision is the product of free, unhindered creativity that the brand has given the designers from their design center in Nice. Safe to say there’s no coincidence between this concept and the earlier mentioned race.

The goal of this exercise is to design the car of the future, like many concepts before serving a similar goal. To be fair, the car looks like a digitalized version of the model it is based on. There are projectors, illuminated logos, and EQC-like rear light bar. Those details combined with the classic car shape does look stunning though. You be the judge after peering through the gallery down below.