We’ve all started to get accustomed to 1.000 hp hypercars. But the Pininfarina PF0 is something else. Twice as powerful as a LaFerrari and three times the torque of a McLaren Senna.

It’s called the Pininfarina PF0 and they’re claiming insane performance! At 1.900 hp, it has twice the power output of a LaFerrari. Torque is an earth stopping 2.400 Nm’s. That’s three times as much as McLaren’s latest supercar the Senna. Pininfarina claims 0-100 kmh takes less than 2 seconds and 10 seconds later you’ve already passed 300.

Automobili Pininfarina’s CEO Michael Perschke (a former boss at BMW and Audi) says the Pininfarina PF0 will be able to drive 450 km and they’re looking at the opportunity of recharging 80% of the battery in only 40 minutes or even less.

The car is built around a full carbon fiber monocoque with the battery packs stored in front of the seats and behind the rear bulkhead. The battery technology and electric motors is hinted to come from the Croatian company Rimac which is also responsible for the Concept_One. Other parts of the car come from high-end partners participating in this project. Nick Heidfeld’s job is to make sure the full potential of the Pininfarina PF0 translates fully to the road. 

The rear of the car features 2 active rear wings that can also work as an air brake. Also active aero doesn’t stop there, the car receives active aero fins at the front to work alongside the ones on the rear. Finally an adjustable diffusor finishes off the flat underbody.

Ready to roll?

The final production version awaits its global debut at the 2019 Geneva Autoshow. The PF0 marks Pininfarina’s start of its new “Pura” design language. The brand hereby reacts to the new design trend in supercar segment of featuring an aggressively modernist aesthetic. This means the Pura design is all about elegance and simplicity. And thanks to the replacement of the combustion engine which requires more cooling. The PF0 can have less intakes along the body that disturb that elegant silhouette.


The car will be hand-built just outside of Turin in Italy and it will go on sale in Autumn 2020. It’ll be limited to 150 units with 50 reserved for the US, 50 for Europe and another 50 for Middle East and Far East markets. Price is estimated around the 2 million € marker.