Not joking, this guy actually did a lap at the green hell with it’s little Twingo RS in under 8 minutes. The owner, Anthony, is a regular ring visitor with his small modified Twingo RS. And being modified he likes to give the big boys a run for it’s money.

So obviously in standard trim it’s no where close to reaching this lap time. But this Twingo has gone through a major modifications as Anthony explains here:

After 2 years of work and development on the car, and for the last time on the Nordschleife (moving to USA…). I managed to complete one full flatout lap with nobody on track!
Tires were good, temperatures ok, weather ok (12°C), no oil or anything on the track.

Setup is :
Twingo RS 964kg / 204 hp
Drexler LSD / Avon ZZR 16″ semi slicks / OZ Ultraleggera 16″ wheels / Brembo calipers with AP Racing disks / Dixcel race pads / GAZ Gold 2-way shocks / Recaro pole Position bucket seats / Schroth 6 point harnesses / ACW Motorsports plastic windows / Clio V6 airbox / Clio 182 decat exhaust / Sybele Challenegr 6 complete custom ECU mapping

It’s sad to see this pocket rocket leaving to the US but we’re wishing Anthony good luck on his new journey!