About two weeks ago I wrote the following about the S-Class convertible: “Flagships incoming! Luxury convertibles are hot and Mercedes Benz is joining in on that party with the S-Class convertible.” And man did they bring it.


I’ll just start the gunslinging right away with the S63 Cabriolet. The AMG features the well known 5,5 liter V8 that gives you a maximum 585 horsepower and 900nm of torque. This launches the massive heavyweight to the magic boundary of 100 kph in just 3,9 seconds. Wow, yeah but they only slightly mention that the S-Class Convertible is only offered as AWD. They did write this about the 4-Matic system though: “ The drive distributes 33 percent of the engine torque to the front axle and 67 percent to the rear axle.” So I might be judging to quickly. Chopping off the roof adds weight due to structural alternations of the chassis, AMG compensated this via the obligatory carbon ceramics and with the mighty metal called aluminum. They used this lighter metal in many of the outer shell components, which matches 66% of the Coupes shell for a matter of fact. Different suspension setups than the regular convertible are also inherent to this AMG’s properties.

S550 Cabriolet

The less flamboyant version of the S-Class Cabriolet is equipped with a 4,7 liter V8 that pushes out 455 horsepower and is more torque orientated with the 700 nm being available at only 1800 rpm. The car is aimed more at cruising than it’s heavier and faster brother. Both engine configurations of the convertible have air suspension, but look at the other facts like the 2 extra gears in the transmission of the S550 and you can see how this is positioned entirely different. Both of them excel in a common thing though, as low air-resistance as the CW is only 0.29.

Summing up

It’s the first S-Class Cabriolet since 1971 and if you look at the figures, well this car might actually be good enough to give other manufacturers a run for their money. It’s constructed intelligently if you look at the use of metals and positioning of structural reinforcements, it’s fast, it comes as an AMG, it’s loaded with tech and it comes as an AMG! Oh, I already wrote that. Like I said, probably good. Live pictures on the 15th of this month when we get to play around on the IAA grounds.