Fresh of the press is the all new 2017 Mini Countryman and from the looks of it, it’s as English as it can get.

Tea, rainy weather and a ginger are what sums up the gallery that was added to the launch of the new Mini Countryman. Mini’s SUV has been made anew and it continues on the force-feeding-English-tradition-tour that mother company BMW has been cleverly directing. But the mother company has done more than just direct a cleaver marketing campaign, the’ve build an entire new model. In fact, the 2017 Mini Countryman has grown massively and has a new type of engine.

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The Mini SUV now comes in at 20 centimes more length, the same height and 3 centimeters more track. With the new added styling and these dimensions, it’s clear that the Mini lineup is getting a family face. Its new styling comes directly from the other Mini’s recently launched, even the confusingly large rear-lights are included. Mini’s new, but classic, interior styling has also found its way to the 2017 Mini Countryman and you guessed it; it includes dozens of ambient light options and tons of connectivity options you’ll probably use only twice.

Last on the list the engines on offer. As stated earlier, it includes a new one. Called ‘S E’, it’s a direct clone of technology BMW uses in the plugin-hybrid lineup. A 1.5-liter 3-cylinder is hooked up to an electric engine with a combined output of 224 horsepower. Other engines include the usual Mini engine pallet.

Expect the latest Mini to hit the road early next year!