Wrapped in the infamous testing livery, we spotted a hardcore BMW M2 stretching its legs on the Green Hell.

it’s no secret that a hardcore BMW M2 is in the cooking pot, everything else surrounding the car is secret however. There are the always present rumors surrounding the upcoming model and the M2 prototype we spotted last week seem to confirm those rumors. Taking a look at the development time between the M4 and the M4 GTS, the hardcore M2 seems to be falling into a similar time slot.

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Wearing camouflage on the lower body, it is obvious that BMW is trying to hide changes concerning the drivetrain. This would fall in line with rumors that popped up in July, they state that the hardcore BMW M2 is to receive a list of upgrades over the ‘normal‘ M2. Those changes would include reworked aero, the F80 rear axle and detuned to 400 HP engine, further developed suspension and of course carbon panels. The hips would grow, hence the camouflage on the arches. The rest of those details are more easy to hide.

So what will this hardcore mini-M be called? Well, that’s currently unsure. Some say ‘CSL‘ and other sources state it will also get the ‘GTS’ label. Only time will tell, or a leak, or more spy footage. Okay, I’ll stop but not before I tell you about the video below.

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