Winning a price in the category you weren’t nominated for, the title brings confusion. But just think along for a moment. A lot of people buy an SUV or cross-over as a statement but also for its practical side. Easy to get in and out, a lot of room and a save feeling -due to a higher seating position- when driving along. 

Coping with off-road

Another thing you think you can do with an SUV or cross-over, getting somewhere you wouldn’t go before or even think about going. Okay, most people will not do that, but we would and maybe you would too! The Subaru Outback gets some tricks to help us in that quest. Thanks to symmetrical all-wheel drive, Hill Descent Control -works like a charm- and X-mode offroading feels like a piece of cake. When the X-mode is activated, the car changes and takes another approach on the engine (and power delivery), transmission, brakes, and all-wheel drive. Even an unexpired offroad-driver -like ourselves- can do unbelievable things.

But most people will use the Subaru Outback on the normal roads. There it performance like you want it to do. The 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol boxer-engine gets 175 hp and 235 Nm torque. Subaru combines it with a Lineartronic CVT, that gives a gentle acceleration and ride but will never ever give you goosebumps. The acceleration to 100 km/h takes 10,2 seconds and if you told us it took longer, we would believe it. But it doesn’t bother us as much in comparison with the Subaru Levorg, which wanted to be more dynamic.

More of the comparison with the Levorg? This Outback is softer and that suites his character. The suspension feels floaty what gives the car a comfy and relaxing feeling on long trips. A good companion for your ski trip.

 Looks like an off-roader …

… or maybe a little bit. Subaru knows how you give a car off-road potential styling and this Outback is the proof. Just like Audi does with there Allroad and Mercedes does with the all-terrain, Subaru puts an all-wheel-drive on the car in combination with some ground clearance (22 cm) but also a lot of plastic parts. The kind you won’t bother when there is a little scratch on its “not painted” body while you are hiking through the forest in your Outback.

Besides that, the Subaru Outback looks pretty dynamic and thanks to that you need to choose this above an SUV or cross-over who –always– looks more chunky. We would even dare to choose an army green paint code and blackout grille combined with black rims. Which configuration would you choose?

Safe technology

The most important thing about a car? Appearance? No. Performance? Mmmmm, no. Safety? Yes and this Subaru scored 5 stars on the Euro NCAP safety test. The car is equipped with lane sway and departure warning, active torque vectoring and vehicle dynamic control to keep the car on the road by continually checking the grip of the wheels.

Besides that, the adaptive cruise control and Subaru rear vehicle detection make it almost impossible to crash into other cars. Hey you, please don’t test that theory! 


The interior is an extension of its driving characteristics. That means firm, gentle and comfortable. The semi leather seats hug you straight away and warm up your bum if you want to. Yes, heated seats in the front and back! The gear knob has -just like the steering wheel- got a firm grip and the infotainment is imbedded in shiny black material.

That infotainment system hides the Bluetooth, navigation system, apps, and radio in one screen. Everything works like a charm and is very easy to use. This system has got a more natural feeling to it -by finding it in one place- than the one in the Subaru Levorg. That is the reason why we prefer the setup in the Outback.

In the back, your passengers will have the time of their life. With miles of head- and legroom even the tallest people won’t have a problem getting in the back for a few hours. If you added the 559-liter trunk space and you have the perfect family car.

What does it cost?

You can head to Subaru with 36.795€ to order an Outback. If you want the Premium it will cost you 40.995€ and the only 2 “options” are a glass coating and a color. All other things are included in the price. Pretty nice deal


We started with a pretty strange quote. Is this Subaru Outback -a wagon- the best SUV that isn’t one? If you look for a comfy, safe, no bullshit car. Yes, then this is a car you need to try!