While Subaru is working on its new Subaru Levorg, we took a pre-production one out for a drive. Does the Levorg need to be on your wanted list or do you leave it for what it is and run?

Let’s start with the easiest but probably also hardest part of the review! The exterior. In French, theres an expression “Les goûts et les couleurs, on ne discute pas“. Literally: Tastes and colors, do not discuss. Sounds crazy but it means that you can’t argue about looks.

On the front of the car, you have a young, present and sporty design with LED-headlights and daytime running lights, but -in our case- without the hood scoop. We like our Subby’s with one of those. When moving to the side of the car you can enjoy more of the same sporty-lines that give the car a dynamic appearance. Even when standing still, the car seems to be making speed. At the back, there is a REAL double exhaust at the stout backend! A real one and in modern terms that’s a rather special thing. We like the modern styling of the Subaru-guys.


The chassis of the car is one of the best in the business. You can really feel the rally-genetics and that’s where the car shines. Some people will argue about the stiffness and that it is uncomfortable thanks to the chassis. Sorry to say it, but they are wrong.

Push the car and you will see or feel the quality. It will never let you down, always giving the correct feedback and heaps of grip thanks to the symmetrical all-wheel drive. Where some cars go into understeer, the Levorg never gives a kick. That is why the next thing we need to say about the car is very painful!

The combination of the engine with the Lineatronic CVT-gearbox doesn’t cut the mustard. A really sad thing when you have a chassis like that! The 2.0-liter petrol engine without turbo (problem 1) produces 150 hp and 198 Nm torque. But if you told us the car had 90 hp, we would believe it. A lot of the power is lost thanks to the CVT-gearbox (that is problem number 2).

Zero to 100 km/h is dealt with within 11,7 seconds. Thanks for that CVT! The CVT makes the ride, gear changes and acceleration soft, clean and unnoticeable. The feeling that you get when you are driving an electric car. But a little bit slower. Giving the car a smooth feeling which is a good quality for a daily driver. Yes, the CVT also has some good points but it’s a shame that there’s no other option here.

Time for an update

Getting into the car -with keyless entry- and being embraced by the seats. Feels like coming home. The seats give great comfort in addition to superior support.

The interior of the cars feels oppressive. For example, the dials in front of you are clear but there is just too much in your face for a clear view. The rest of the infotainment system feels a little bite out of its place. A refreshment couldn’t hurt. It looks a little bit outdated but works like a dream. Fast enough and works intuitively with navigation and features a decent sound system.

Something else we loved -as tech geeks- was the digital rearview mirror. But sadly we need to report that this feature will not be possible on a European model except for German and Swiss cars. Not even as an option.

Value for money

The Subaru Levorg we could enjoy for a week was the GT-S Premium. The highest in his class gets pretty much everything that you want in a car. For 32.995 euros you get 522 liters of trunk space. But also an electric boot lid, adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, rear- and front view camera, digital rearview mirror, automatic headlights, heated seats, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and so on and so on. 


At the beginning of the review, we had a question. Does the Levorg need to be on your wanted list? And the answer is: Yes, it needs to be. The Levorg has more then it takes to steal your heart.