You know the first rule of a convertible right? Always drive it with the roof down if conditions allow for it. That’s what we did with the Abarth 595C Competizione.

Yes, it’s winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive convertible right? Abarth thought that too when giving us the keys to the 595C Competizione and it gives us the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to the old 500 before welcoming the new one soon.

Pocket Size

Most of you will know I’m the pocket rocket lover from the team and they always end up with me. Hey, I’m not complaining.
The 595C Competizione is no different. With a weight of just over one metric tonne and a length of 3,6 meters it definitely qualifies as pocket size.
And thanks to the tiny 1.4T engine producing 180 hp and 250 Nm’s it’s definitely a rocket too.

But this one goes a little further by offering the possibility to take the roof down all the way bringing a whole new dimension into the experience. Okay, people will be raising eyebrows looking at why you’re driving with the top down wearing a hat and a scarf at 5 °C but frankly who cares.
Let me tell you a little secret: take the top fully down, not halfway but until the rear window folds down. You won’t regret it when you the turbo spools up and the Monza exhaust gives off a massive bark.
Seriously it’s just such a blast.

Wide Open Throttles

This is what I really love about the less powerful hot hatchbacks. You can use 100 % of the power without the risk of losing your license.
The chassis is really stiffened up compared to the regular 500 and you can feel it. On long trips, it’s a little too stiff but you’re not buying a 595C Competizione for that. No, you want to fling it around corners and it does so with joy. The metal gear stick has such a nice feel to it. And the moment you press the Sport button on the dash, that wild Monza exhaust opens up (yes it has a neighbor-friendly mode), the throttle response sharpens and the steering becomes noticeably heavier.
The TTC is a bit intrusive from time to time though so a proper locking diff would really be the icing on the cake here.

Small but big

Contradicting yeah but hear me out. I was really impressed by how much space there actually is. The rear seating is big enough for 2 children or 1 full-size adult. And with the roof down, you have space for infinitely long objects!
The trunk is impressive as well. It is able to hold 1 full-size version of myself in there.
Perfect for the Mafiosi as who would suspect you’re hauling around with a body in the trunk of an Abarth?

So this leads us here

The Abarth 595C Competizione is starting to show its age, mostly in the interior. But nonetheless, it’s still an amazing driver’s car. Small on the outside, big on the inside and have we mentioned it’s a convertible?
People tend to say that this is a hairdresser’s car because of the Fiat 500. But who cares? You won’t be hearing them over the sound of that Monza exhaust anyway. Still makes me chuckle.