The Fiesta ST is a damn good car but we always hoped for more, can the Fiesta ST200 make us settle for less?

The Fiesta ST200 has just been unveiled in Geneva, a more potent and hardcore version of one of the best handling cars in its respective niche. There’s bad news however, for people outside Europe that is, as this model is limited to Europe only.

Improved Fiesta ST200

Good news is the new power output of the 1.6 liter engine. One that now pushes out 200 PS (Ghee, didn’t see that coming) and a massive 290 Nm of torque. Power that will push the Fiesta ST200 to a hundred in 6.7 seconds, gain achieved by also adding shorter final drive ratios. Don’t worry as the ratios haven’t lowered the Vmax as it now rests at 230 kilomters an hour. Best thing about the list is the 20 second overboost, one that gives and additional 15 PS and 30 Nm’s of torque.

Technically the Fiesta ST200 has undergone more changes to improve the overall handling. Improvements include new damper setting that lower the center of gravity by 15 mm, bigger and strong main cylinder on the front brakes, shorter steering-ratio and better roll stiffness on the front axle.

Interior Tweaks

Additionally the ST200 offers and exclusive exterior colour and 17-inch alloy wheel matte black rims. Fiesta ST200 models also show new coloured brake callipers and the grey theme continues inside.

Why no RS?

It’s been rumored for so long but Ford is denying every claim about a possible Fiesta RS. It’s probably  safe to say that Ford doesn’t want cannibalism to happen. A Fiesta RS would be a strong competitor for the Focus ST. Or at least, that’s the theory because Ford is good at keeping secrets.

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