While the world is waiting for Ford to release the hot Fiesta RS, the guys from Pumaspeed have created one mean Fiesta that will not only kick the upcoming Fiesta RS’s butt. It will take on the new Focus RS too in a much more compact package.

How can this be possibly faster than the new Focus RS you may ask? Well, they managed to get 400 hp and 390 Nm’s torque from the small 1.8L EcoBoost engine but is still only front-wheel driven. That’s a serious amount of power to get to the front wheels, so the full transmission has been upgraded and it’s been fitted with a limited-slip differential to harness the power and go onwards to a top speed of 275 km/h.

The Fiesta RS is definitely no sleeper as Pumaspeed has taken inspiration from the new Focus RS with the aggressive front bumper and the big rear wing turning this innocent Fiesta in one mean looking Terrier.

As for the big question: what does it cost? Well Pumaspeed hasn’t yet confirmed a price or whether they will even sell this package but we’d be happy to test the car out.

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