After months of waiting and countless of pictures and videos in disguise, it’s finally here: the Bugatti Chiron!

The successor to the record setting Veyron has been unveiled at the usual VAG press night. The Bugatti Chiron is the crown jewel of the VAG group which raises the bar once again to claim the top speed record once again.

Powered by the well known 8.0L W16 quad turbo which has been thoroughly reworked to produce a staggering 1500 hp and 1600 Nm’s of torque without the help of a hybrid system. The main power improvement comes from a carbon inlet manifold, six catalytic converters and a titanium exhaust system.
As for weight, the Chiron hasn’t been on a diet. Compared to the Veyron, it’s 150 kgs
Let’s throw in some more numbers: 0-100 km/h takes less than 2,5 seconds, 0-200 takes only 6,5 seconds and clocking 300 after 13,6 seconds. As a reference: the Koenigsegg One:1 sprints to 300 in 11,9 seconds.
Top speed is limited due to safety at 420 km/h but Bugatti claim the car can possibly reach 460 km/h.

As expected, the car features a similar design as the Vision Gran Turismo, albeit in a more subtle jacket. It’s still aggressive looking but the racer car look has gone because let’s be honest, those quad pipes were a bit silly looking.
Same goes with the interior. The interior seems like a house, the soft leather welcomes you into the nicely supported seats. The steering wheel is made out of carbon and wrapped in leather with the sporty flat bottom. Yes this car should corner better and even has its own handling mode! Other modes include Lift (for city cruising), Auto, Autobahn and Top Speed.

Pricewise? Then you’re looking at a base price of 2.5 million $, let’s just hope Bugatti kept it’s promise with the Chiron and made the simple services a bit less complicated. Of course the people who buy these aren’t exactly poor but no ones waiting for a 20.000 $ oil change.
Further down the line we can expect many variants to come like the Grand Sport, Super Sport, Grand Sport Vitesse and not to forget the many different special editions.

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