Yes, Alpina works closely with BMW but no one saw would’ve thought they’d release their new flagship, the M760i xDrive only a few days after the unveil of the B7 BiTurbo. Your move Alpina.

Earlier this week we told you about the Alpina B7 Biturbo with over 600 hp and how this could be your best bet on a performance version of BMW’s flagship car, the 7 series.
But just a few days later, BMW responded to that call and laid down the M760i xDrive.

First M Performance V12 7-series

The M760i is BMW’s first M Performance version of the flagship 7 series and it looks to be a good one too! The car is powered by a 6.6L TwinPower turbo V12 delivering 600 hp and 800 kms of torque making the sprint to 100 in around 3.9 seconds. Of course, speed is in typical german fashion restricted to 250 km/h.

M Performance exhaust system provides a rich V12 soundtrack

With the V12 block, the current exhaust system was too restricted, causing backpressure and reducing performance. The M sport exhaust system is routed as straight and large as possible. Let’s hope it’ll give the M760i a nice grunt.

As I was saying last week about the Ecoboost technology injecting fuel at 2.200 psi. This is to inject fuel in a very thin spray to cool down the engine, reduce internal knocking and optimize the combustion. The M760i goes a step further and boosts the injection up to 2.900 psi.

Furthermore the car has been fitted with bigger brakes and 20 inch M alloys. Aerodynamic efficiency has been improved with bigger air intakes and a rear spoiler. Further at the back you’ll find a massive set of exhaust tips to make clear that this is a truly special car.

Via Bimmerpost