As the fall began to step in a little more. It graced us with one last sunny day to enjoy some open-top action in the BAC Mono at one of the greatest tracks, in the world.

So after we went to Liverpool to meet the awesome people behind the best road-legal single-seater in the world, Stuart from BAC invited us to come along and have a drive ourselves for the season finale of their customer track days. And what better way to end the season than at Spa?

So Ward and I always joke about how we haven’t been to Spa when it didn’t rain a single moment during the day. So the idea of driving a track-focused car in the wet around Spa gets you nervous, to say the least.
Magically for the first time ever, we were going to have a day filled with sun *phew*

When we arrived we were greeted by not one BAC Mono but 6! Some were transported from the factory in Liverpool by truck. Others transported them to the track themselves or even drove them! There was one guy who drove over 4 hours from Stuttgart to the track in his Mono! What an absolute legend.

During the day we got the opportunity to drive a BAC Mono on track but more on that later as we could be filling a book about that experience!
The crew from BAC takes care of you and your car throughout the day. Want to set the camber more aggressive for track use than you’d be driving on the road? They can do it. Having the feeling that the throttle response isn’t fully to your liking? They can change that too. And these “Flying Doctors” as they call themselves are every bit as focused and as charismatic as the factory guys.

But next to that we also got to experience what it is to be part of the BAC Mono family. And the guys owning the cars are as great as the guys we’ve met at the factory. They’re not just calling it a family just for marketing purposes. People are really close with each other, get along so well and even crack the occasional joke.

We love seeing these spaceships fly around Spa but what’s equally epic about it is the team and customers behind the BAC Mono. It’s what really makes us love this brand so much. Thank you again, Stuart and Pushkar, for the great day you guys put together!