After Ford announced their participation in next years 24 Hours of Le Mans, it was Renault who unveiled their new lightweight Alpine sports car.

The new little French concept car is called the “Celebration” which does not only refer to the return of Alpine but it marks the 60th birthday of the brand. There are references to the A110 race car but at the same time the car looks aggressive and is painted in a heavenly blue colour with multiple orange accents.

The car has driven a lap around the Circuit de La Sarthe but Renault hasn’t yet revealed specs for the car but they say it will be a lightweight sportscar thanks to the implementation of Carbon Fibre. However according to inside information the car could be powered by a 1.8L turbo engine supplied by Nissan which would produce between 250 and 300 horsepower.

The concept gives us a clue of what we can expect from the production model which will debut in 2016 to compete with the Cayman and the 4C yet production would be limited to 3.000 cars a year, making it more exclusive. Price will be around 50.000€ and it will be equipped with a few gizmo’s, a variant of the RS Monitor is rumored to find its way into the Alpine’s. It’s the start of the new Alpine where we can expect a multiple car line-up including an Alpine SUV and a Hybrid car.

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