Yet another blow to the car-spotting-scene.

Zurich police imitating spotters to provoke supercar drivers into punishable behavior, it’s actually happening. This news reached us yesterday and is yet another blow to car-spotting-scene. First London and now Zurich, a worrying development no doubt.

We contacted the driver of a BMW M4 after posting about the events online, here’s what he had to say.

Yeah was crazy! Couldn’t believe it, it’s literally as I wrote. They were standing by the spotters as well but you could see something wasn’t right as they were 2 men about 50 with moustaches, looked so out of place. Pretending to take pictures as you drive past but actually there were filming you. They also really pointed the camera at you in the hope to make you rev your car or something. 

It’s no secret that the Swizz government on an anti-car-crusade but this seems downright inadequate to try and cope with nuisance in this fashion. It’s just like using a painkiller, it doesn’t get rid of the problem but it does give a form of relief.

We’ve reached out to the Swizz Police but are yet to receive a response, asking them why they think this form of entrapment will work.