Last year the XJ received a facelift to last a bit longer, it got a few engine changes and minor exterior updates. Now, the XJ seems to be replaced by a new car. That is what Ian Callum confirmed recently.

The most important matter that is at stake is, of course, luxury and style. That’s exactly what the XJ is good at. Jaguar is looking for a new body style to accomplish that even more. It must advance the growth of Jaguar Land Rover sales in the upper segment. Jaguar is also looking for improved practicalities.

They are not going to compete the Germans with their super-saloons if it comes to sales. It affects the prestigious personality of the car in a bad way. The XJ is seen as a competitor for the Audi A7 or A8, Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 series, but the sale numbers make the XJ to appear to have as good as no part in that market. Jaguar Land Rover isn’t looking for a car that makes them a million-car-a-year company. The new F-Pace and XE however will definitely increase sales in Europe.

“JLR doesn’t want to be BMW or Audi in size, chasing volume relentlessly is a problem. We don’t have aspirations for more than a million a year between us. You can lose prestige.” – Iam Callum

Callum doesn’t disclose any further information about the new XJ except for the fact that the new car’s design will stand out from the rest.

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