BMW M’s latest creation, the M2, is a stunning car to look at and featuring the well known 6-cylinder delivering 370 hp. But as Ward said, the car is too heavy, weighing in at 1495 kg it set a lap time around the green hell of 7:58. This means a 265 hp Leon Cupra can keep up with the M2 at probably half the price.

The Solution? The M2 GTS

X-Tomi has made a render of what a possible M2 GTS could look like using the same design style as the M4 GTS. And his work paid off, it looks really good.

An M2 GTS would have more power and would weigh a lot less than the current M2, combine this with a wheelbase similar to the E46 M3 and this could really be a great track car.

What do you think about a possible M2 GTS? Is it the small track car BMW is missing?
If you’re not really into hardcore track use, X-Tomi’s got you covered on this one too and rendered an M2 Convertible in a rather special color