The Volvo V90 is the companies worst kept secret, as images have leaked yet again. Press images that is.

The Volvo V90 and embargoes? That didn’t ring a bell when a British journalists published the press images a head of the embargo, only to remove them shortly after. Press images that further confirm the earlier leaked photos of the V90, this really is the real deal ladies and gentlemen. All hail the new V90.


Chassis variants and letters, it is something Volvo has used for decades as a naming strategy. A sedan wears an ‘S’ where the wagons wear a ‘V’, the brand places them as separate models in the line up. Models that aren’t that separate at all, its not as simple as just putting a different rear on the car but in comparison to creating a new model, it’s very little work. But that didn’t stop any brand from making a whole lot of marketing-noise when launching ahead of this new chassis variant. A launch that didn’t go according to plan, at all.

Update! We couldn’t resist taking a look during Geneva this year and of course we took some shots.