Washing of the current scandal is no easy thing but Volkswagen has its vision set on a unpolluted future, both image and emissions wise.

Where the Volkswagen BUDD-E was a major hint of what the company┬áis up to, the current industry wide rumour isn’t something that a lot of people saw coming. A rumour that suggests that the brand is brining out a entirely new EV.

Volkswagen MEB

Said to rival the upcoming Tesla model 3, the new EV will be something different than another Golf-E. It will utilise the same front-wheel-drive platform named MEB where the letter ‘B’ stands for batteries. Batteries that can be placed in a vast amount of setups in that platform, clearly hinting what Volkswagen is up to. A bigger family of EV’s that is, vehicles in size and shapes we know.

Whether these rumours will survive the actual truth is something that only time will tell, but rest assured as many signs are already pointing in this direction. As more information rolls in we will keep you updated.