Volkswagens AG holds a lot of brands in its portfolio and is no stranger to building powerful SUV’s. More is coming, in an affordable segment.

Recent news makes it clear that the automotive multinational is busy developing performance versions of a different kind than we’re used to. The world is no stranger to powerful SUV’s build by Porsche, Bentley or Audi but no other brand under Volkswagen AG has seen a powerful SUV in recent history. This is about to change however, as the hot hatch trend seems to have infected smaller SUV’s. 

Recent spy photos popping up on AutoCar and AutoWeek shed an interesting light on a set of new powerful models incoming. Both a Seat Ateca Cupra and VW Tiguan R have been sighted as prototypes. Both the ‘R’ and the ‘Cupra‘ label are eager to grow, same goes for the Skoda VRS label. No VRS trim Skoda Kodiaq hasn’t been spotted at this point in time but their CEO has stated that the halo model hasn’t been killed off.  

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No stranger to platform sharing among its brands, the multinational builds the VW Tiguan, Skoda Kodiaq and Seat Ateca on the same genes. In terms of their drivetrain these models also go a long way, this will also count for the halo-models. Expect all 3 models to come with the powerful 2-liter TFSI engine pushing out around 300 horsepower, while being hooked up to an AWD-system. 

The usual brand-specific equipment is to be bestowed onto these cars. Badges, bigger rims, sports exhausts, differentials, brake upgrades and of course a completely revised suspension should find their way into these car when they launch next year.