Okay it’s more than a sled, it’s provocative. That works.

The first images of theĀ Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 landed like a bomb. A voluptuous redĀ coupe poked trough the darkness, one that showed a Maybach logo on the c-pillar. The world held its breath and for good reasons it would seem. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is a stunner to look at, it’s littered with classic design traits. Classic deigns traits that are not only true to the brand it would seem. The rear greatly resembles that of the legendary Bugatti Atlantic.

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It leaked ahead of todays launch however but the specs remained and its purpose remained a mystery. Until now. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 isn’t a 6 meter long sled, it’s actually 5.7 meters long and it’s powered by electric engines. Yes, you guess it right; the ‘6’ is another preparation for the electrification of MB. The concept boasts a low-laying battery package that should let the car cover 500 kilometers. Power? A massive 700 horsepower that launches Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 to a hundred in “under 4 seconds.”

So what does the brand actually mean with the car? It’s nothing more than a flexing of muscles it would seems, design muscles. They’re also preparing the high-end customers for the switch in propulsion.

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