Looks are subjective but Astons always seem to pull off some amazing looks. And that is the same with the new Vanquish S which just dropped at the LA Motorshow.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Aston Martin seems to show up once again at a Motorshow. We’ve been missing them and their comeback to the show floors isn’t disappointing. The Vanquish S is the latest version of the Aston Martin flagship and it gets harder, better, faster, stronger.

First thing you notice is how stunning it looks, the Vanquish S gets a more aggressive front face and an even more aggressive rear diffuser that shows of the brutal quad exhaust tips. Along with that a lot of carbon fiber has been added on different places around the whole car like the bonnet louvres and side skirts. But it doesn’t stop at the carbon fiber, the car also get newly designed diamond cut wheels which compliments the looks of the car very well.

The power also gets pumped up to 600 hp which is 27 hp more than the standard car. These gains come from small changes to the 6.0 V12 thanks to larger volume inlet manifolds for freer-breathing engine. Alongside that the eight-speed Touchtronic gearbox gets tweaked to the new output and has been revised to deliver faster shifts and more refinement at low speeds.

As expected, the suspension hasn’t been left untouched. The Vanquish S now handles sharper in the sport modes without compromising the ride quality in comfort mode.

Inside the cabin is as Aston Martin as it gets but the raw carbon in the center console helps you remember this is not the ordinary gentleman’s driver but as Aston Martin calls it: “The ultimate Super GT.

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The Vanquish S will be available in both coupé and volante when it hits the dealers next month and prices will start at 260.000 €. Excited yet? We sure are.