That moment you speculate about downsizing…. 

Remember when the iconic Audi 5-cylinder was rumoured to end up in their flagship? Dreaming about a lighter version of the R8 had something to it. Well, it simply never happened and neither will a current-gen V6 Audi R8 happen. 
How do we know? Thanks to Carthrottle talking to Bjorn Friedrich at the launch of the the facelift/face-wreck of the current Audi halo car. He finally killed the rumour that a smaller engine would find its way into the car. I repeat: we won’t see a V6 Audi R8 of the current generation. 
Whether this is good or bad news is up to you. Some like em big, some like em small. Right? But what ever you prefer, the forthcoming flagship that will succeed the current R8 will be radically different. Heavy speculation about the successor is parallel to the development in the entire automotive industry. Electrification is a serious option, just look at the 2 existing generations of R8 E-Tron Audi has been playing around with. But there’s so many other options, it’s no use speculating until Audi leaks or talks. Either way, the emissions will have to drop and we all know what that means. 
Until all becomes clear, we’ll be looking at this thing on the roads. Which won’t be a V6 Audi R8. 

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