A mystery literally covered in a shroud, a red-ish one that is

If you love Ferraris and social media, you’ll undoubtedly have come ascross a man named Greg23. A man with a collection of legendary cars. This set of images posted by him suggest something unique from Ferrari is about to join his collection. That something seems to be a V12 458, a unique car.

But wait? Wasn’t the 458 only available with a V8? Yup, as the Ferrari was basically designed around its V8. Hence the name. But that alien engine makes it all so interesting. You see, the internet has since gone mad with speculation. And for good reason, as this V12 458 seems to be reality already. Hiding under a fancy shroud, only Greg and a handful of people know what this car really is. 

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Speculation ranges from a one-off Ferrari, all the way up to this being a test car for the LaFerrari 12-cylinder. Those red safety-pins visible in one of the pictures make us lean towards the second option, only time will tell though. Or Greg.