COVID-19 is a time for self-contemplation for team Car Journalism.

It’s been 5 years since we started this journey with Car Journalism and it’s been one crazy ride ever since. From the wildest cars to the craziest shows, we never thought it would take us this far. We’ve all grown in terms of writing, reviewing, photography and also videography. Even the team has grown, shrunken and grown again.

The current pandemic made us realize that we wanted to reshape what we stand for, what we offer and what we want to create as content. We’re currently revamping all of this, meaning you’ll see fewer articles on the website until we present you with Car Journalism 2.0.

Tips are very welcome, you can always contact us through our socials or through the contact form. We’d genuinely appreciate the input. And until then, we’ll keep you guys busy with some throwbacks from the last 5 years.

Car Journalism