Well, not literally but it seems that this chassis configuration is soon to be extinct.

Small, powerful and very forgiving, that about sums up why the ‘hot hatch’ is such a popular concept. Ever since they arrived in the eighties, these cars have left their mark on the automotive industry while they crawled ever closer to what sports cars can do. Almost always these cars were available in either 3 or 5-door setups, offering the same level of flexibility as the none-hot hatch versions of the model did. This seems be changing rapidly with more and more manufacturers killing of the 3-door chassis.

Most recent news that sheds lights onto this development is Volkswagen killing of the 3-door Golf GTI in the States. Before that it was evident that the upcoming Renault Megane RS will also only be available as 5-door, much like the Clio RS and the Twingo GT. I might be¬†overlooking some models so feel free to point out any if I did. The trend is however undeniable, with manufactures all trying to cut costs and that’s exactly why this trend is so likely to continue. Dropping a chassis configuration¬†can potentially increase margins on these model, something welcome in this highly competitive segment.

With most customers favoring the 5-door anyway, the ‘hole’ their disappearance¬†will leave won’t be all that big. Let’s keep an eye on the other manufactures, as they will follow. They’ll follow like they always follow each other.