Just when Beau and I gave up hope on a hardcore current-gen Twingo, Renault throws a Twingo GT teaser online. Could the RS still happen?

The Twingo GT teaser hit the web yesterday with next to zero info. Hell, it’s not even certain if it’s about a GT at all. But deriving from logic it can only be a Twingo GT and not an RS, here’s why.

First up is the recent  history of the brand and its tactic for launching smaller models. More specifically; the Mégane. This car has also been touched by Renault Sport and showed similar badging as the teaser. And strengthening this way of thinking stretches further back, as often the GT was launched ahead of any true Renault Sport (RS) product. Since there’s no Twingo GT at this point, it’s logical to assume this model will see daylight first.

Twingo GT

Second is the engine, the 3 cylinder it carries measures in at only 898cc and that simply boils down to it not being able to be powerful enough for a Renault Sport thoroughbred. AutoCar does however report a suspected output of 115 PS for the Twingo GT.

For now it’s uncertain when the cover will be lifted and when the teasing will stop, but it won’t be long. Stay tuned.