Renault didn’t torture us with endless teasing and has pulled the cover of the latest Renault Sport product, the Twingo GT is here and it a link with a German tuner.

The Twingo GT has been launched yesterday by Renault, it is literally a step up on all fronts for the Twingo. More power, better handeling and sportier looks. But does this soothe the pain of never having a current-gen Twingo RS? No, we want one even more. Ey Beau?

The RWD, innocent looking Twingo has dropped some of that innocence after getting the GT badge. It gets dual exhaust tips, which add a whole lot of ‘cool’. It also gets more ‘cool’ from 17″ inch and the striping pushes the horsepower out out all the way to up 110 PS and 170 Nm.

The horsepower increase actually comes from the same tuning received by the Twingo GT’s German brother, the Smart Brabus. It uses the same altered air-inlet and ECU-tuning to achieve the earlier mentioned power upgrade. The same tuning for the gearshifts and suspension alterations. Now we just have to wait until Beau gets his hands on one and then will let you know how fun the new Twingo GT is.