We welcome the new Alpina B3 saloon, a M3 that BMW haven’t given us yet!

In Frankfurt this year, Alpina has shown us the all-new B3 touring. A car specially made for the dads –and moms- who want to enjoy driving to school, but also need the practical side of a touring. The B3 touring is an alternative for the BMW M3 touring, that will never happen. Now it’s time for the same car from the same brand in the same style.

Just as the touring, the sedan uses a 3.0-liter six-in-line with twin-turbo to produce 463 hp –max power between 5.000-7.000 rpm- and 700 Nm torque at your right feet from 3.000 till 4.250 pm. Enough to kick the B3 well over 300 km/h. Times zero to 100 or 200 km/h? Alpina just doesn’t talk about that digit. What they talk about is fuel consumption, the car will use 11l for 100 km. Probably if you stroke the accelerator very gently.

All the power is put on the asphalt true an 8-speed automatic gearbox from ZF and the clever xDrive four-wheel drive from BMW. If you really want to do some tricks, the electronic slip differential will help a hand.

On the exterior, the bodywork and exhaust layout are similar to the touring. For rims, you can choose the 20-inch alloys that safe 13,7 kg from the ones on a BMW M340i.