More news from the land of the sun, this time from Subaru. In April this year we spotted a yellow Subaru WRX STI with a massive rear spoiler testing on the Nordschleife and now we know why. It’s named the Subaru WRX STI S207 NBR ( Nurburgring) Challenge Package Yellow Edition, but there’s a total of 3 editions.

I’ll bring you the bad news first, these babies will only be sold in Japan. The car is based on the WRX STI obviously and features a tuned engine, suspension and a unique livery. You can either purchase it as a S207 or as a NBR Challenge Package, or as the Yellow Edition. All three are similar in what they offer performance wise, but the NBR Challenge Package features a dry carbon rear spoiler and an ornament commemorating Subaru’s victory in the SP3T class.

STI S207 Powerhouse with handling

The engine is tuned to push out an extra 28 horsepower, making the maximum output a fair 328 horsepower. This power hits the road via specially designed 255/35R19 tires and braking is also upgraded with 6-pot brakes in front and 4-pot brakes at the rear. Handling has improved via quick steering-gear ratio of 11:1, the addition of original STI components including a flexible tower bar and adjustable dampening. I can now rest paecefully, knowing what I spotted earlier this year, the Subaru WRX STI S207 NBR Challenge Package Yellow Edition (what an immense name).