Here’s your chance to own one of the coolest cars in history. This is an actual F40 LM that raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

While the engine was born from an abandoned motorsports program, the Ferrari F40 was never really intended to go racing. But with a racing twin turbo V8 and carbon-kevlar chassis it was inevitable that this monster was turned into a race car.
This particular F40 LM is one of the better known LM’s. Since it is one of the few cars that actually raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

And next February, this exact F40 LM will be sent to auction by RM Sotheby in Paris.

What sets the LM aside from an upgraded suspension, bigger brakes, a hardened transmission and significantly reworked aerodynamics compared to the regular F40.

This specific F40 is a Ferrari prototype built in 1987. It was then converted to LM by Michelotto in 1992. And in 1995 made its first racing attempt at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The LM was the 7th quickest in qualifying and the second fastest F40 LM participating then. It started the race in front of all McLaren F1 GTR’s but ultimately had to be satisfied with 12th place whilst the F1 GTR took home the victory that year.

After Le Mans, the F40 LM continued to race throughout 1996 with another unsuccessful attempt at Le Mans. After that point, it seemed like this LM lost its competitiveness.

LM’s are so incredibly rare that this is only the second one that RM Sotheby is auctioning. Meaning that if you miss it now, you’re going to have to wait a long time before another one comes up.