Really, we aren’t exaggerating! The Mini John Cooper Works GP takes the normale John Cooper Works -and that ain’t a boring car- to make it better, faster and more outregous. If you really want to enjoy this special Mini, you need to head to your local Mini-dealer rightnow and order one of only 3.000 pieces.

The Mini John Cooper Works GP uses a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. That powerhouse puts out 306 pk and 450 Nm torque, does that sound familiar? Sounds like the new BMW M135i. With one very important difference! In the Mini, all that power is going to the front wheels. Thank god, there’s a mechanical differential to put all that power on the road. Zero to 100 km/u is dealt within 5,2 seconds while the fun ends at 265 km/u. A manual gearbox ain’t a possibility, the 8-speed automatic is the only way to go.

Not only the power is impressive but also the technology underneath the car. With a lot of speed, there needs to be even more breaking-power. Mini dealt with that. The car almost hugs the asphalt thanks to being lowered for 10 mm against the normal JCW and do you see the bar where you would expect the rear seats? It helps stiffen up the car.

On the exterior, the CFRP demands all the attention! The what? The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic that you will find on the wheel artches. A big shout out for the cool spoiler -giving the car more downforce- is required. Inside you can enjoy sports seats and a digital instrument cluster.

We would like one in British racing green if that is possible.

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