The latest addition to the McLaren-brand and the Ultimate Series is this McLaren Elva. The “limited to only 399” Elva is an extreme roadster that will let your heart skip a beat.

You have never heard of the name “Elva” before? Shame on you! Elva has lived before -in the sixties- as a derivative of a Group 7-racecar. The car was legendary and probably the new one will get the same status with ease! 

The most painful fact about the car, the price. McLaren is asking more than 1,7 million euro for the Elva. Let us start with what you don’t get for the money. You don’t get a roof, side windows and windscreen. The last one is an option. An audio system? Option, but a free one. No radio is less weight.

But what do you get for your money? The beating heart is the famous 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo with 815 hp and 800 Nm torque. This power in combination with the lightweight -thanks to the carbon fiber body-, rear-wheel drive and 7-speed automatic gearbox with launch control will trow you to 100 km/u in less than 3 seconds and 200 km/u will pass in only 6,7 counts.

The Active Air Management System will help to guide the air over the car to give it enough downforce at all speeds, but will also reduce the wind in the cabin. The interior is a dome of tranquility and works with the “blurred boundaries“-idea, the exterior flows over in the interior. On the inside, McLaren is also using a piece of new fabric, Ultrafabric, with great strength, it’s water repellent and it breathes. 

It’s recommended to use a helmet and McLaren provides storage in the shape of 2 helmets. Ideal!

We would like a red one with black rims. Thank you.