First of all, let us start by explaining how we came to be rather than just telling our individual stories. In recent years a thing called carspotting took flight with many car enthusiasts finally having a way to use their creativity and combining it with their love for cars. The 3 of us all started alone and lost in the big cities that Europa has. Nah we didn’t really get lost but we did meet up rather quickly. All of us wanted more than just that and put a mark into the auto industry


Aged 20, Nick is the youngest member of the CJ-team. He spends literally every second of his spare time on cars, especially Italian. However, from this year on, even his education is about cars. Friends call him autistic on a regular base because of the huge amount of information stored in his brain but are secretly jealous of the knowledge he possesses. His love for cars can be traced back to his genes if you look at his bloodline. Nick happens to be the only one in the team who still holds on to mirror cameras, and no one has been able to take away his love for prime lenses.

Camera: Nikon D7000



Aged 23, Beau started his love for cars when he was 8 years old and his dad took him to a Formula 1 race, since then F1 and supercars started to obsess his life but that gradually became everything on four wheels with an engine. He’s the main video guy on the team.
Oh yeah, he’s also has a soft spot for the A1 Quattro.

Camera: Sony A7mkIII



Aged 31, Ward only picked up his hobby 5 years ago after finally getting the time to do so. Interested in cars from a young age, he never had a true Petrolhead near him while growing up. “Did he miss anything by not having a Petrolhead around?” He doesn’t think so, according to him it makes his love purer. Let us hope he doesn’t mean that too literally. Whether it’s a world-famous car show, or just another supercar cruising through the streets of Rotterdam, Ward is willing to go. His friends mock him with his love for diesel, but none have driven the distances he has. Did we mention he used to be clinician?

Camera: Sony A7 MkII but anything mirrorless goes. Lenses: Sony 35mm f1.4, Sony 55mm f1.8 and Sony G-Master 85mm f1.4. 


Aged 30, Kenny has been added to “Team CJ” in December 2019. He has been working as a car journalist since April 2017, but the love for cars has grown since a very young age. Muscle cars, classic cars, supercars … he loves them all.

His favourite quote: “You can’t be a real petrolhead until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo” by Jeremy Clarkson. So he went to buy an Alfa Romeo Giulia.