For the first time in its brief history, Polestar will be present at the Brussels Motor Show. That fact is not the only special thing about this post. The Motor Shows of Paris and Frankfurt have lost a lot of brands. The car manufacturers don’t believe in the future of those shows. But why is Brussels different from the rest? At the motor show of Brussels, you can actually buy a car!

Now the Polestar-news. The fully electric brand will bring there “1” to the stage. The sporty coupé with limited production numbers puts out 600 hp and only has a range of 150 km. The showstopper! The “2” is the important car for the brand and Polestar believes the Belgian market has a lot of potential for them and there grow.

The Polestar 2 is an all-electric sedan that carries a 78 kWh-battery and two electrical engines producing 400 hp. The most affordable car of the brand will be available in Belgium from 59.800€. Tesla with there Model 3 will be –without a doubt- the biggest competitor of the new Polestar 2. We are curious.