A revving Bugatti Chiron is just what you need on the last workday of this week, showing off more sound than caught on video to date.

Revving Bugatti Chiron? It is and will always be an arguable thing to do but that alone makes it something one wants to hear and experience, why else would there be thousands of videos online of cars revving. And when a new car comes out, all of us petrolheads are eagerly waiting for a video in which that new model shows the sounds it unleashes. Google analytics is probably giggling each time a new hypercar appears, million upon million of us all hit the web to find such a video.

Don’t look any further for a revving Bugatti Chiron, this one shows just how demonic that 1500 PS 16-cylinder sounds. The man driving the car in the video puts on a good show but sadly there’s no exhaust of the car launching or running on full load. The internet search continues.