Hard not to refer to the second world war here…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have missed the EV battle happening in the German Eiffel. Just like in WOII, it’s the germans versus the Americans. Or better said: it’s Tesla versus Porsche. This time around the stakes are no way as high as 75 years ago, instead, the stakes are simply all about prestige. Prestige of being the fastest 4 door saloon on the infamous Nurburgring, a record Tesla supposedly killed by 20 seconds.

Frankfurt under fire

It’s been a constant back and forth ever since Porsche launched their long-awaited Taycan. Only days later a Tesla Model S with slight modification and bigger rims was spotted in the Eiffel. Porsche launched the Taycan at the IAA in Frankfurt. Forward another few days and news about a Tesla S ‘P100T’ hit the web. That Model S is supposedly the most powerful Tesla to date, with fanboys screaming it hits the 1000hp mark. What pictures do tell us that it has wider arches and ceramics?

Move another few days forward in time and Porsche opens the book about their 7:42 minute record. According to Stefan Weckbach, Vice-President overseeing the Taycan production, the record wasn’t driven with the 761hp Taycan Turbo S. No, it was driven with the 680hp Taycan Turbo. The max power output shouldn’t be the thing we’re focussing on here though, it’s the fact that the Turbo S is equipped with ceramics. The latter should make the biggest difference in this Tesla versus Porsche battle.

American technology

The Porsche drivetrain can only deliver its max output for 2.5 seconds before it reduces back tot 620hp for heat management purposes. Since Tesla is far ahead in terms of EV drivetrains, this battle isn’t over. Unless Tesla simply started their attempt too late in the season, October is closing in and the Eifel can be slippery all too soon.