Model X is here, officially

Tesla has pulled the curtain of what was already very exposed, the all new Model X. A electric SUV that will be the second car on offer by the American electric car builder. Oh, it has wing doors.


The car weighs in at nearly 2 and a half tons, has a 90 Kwh-battery, 2 engines which drop 262 and 510 horsepower on the front and rear wheels. The P90D hits hundred in just 3,2 seconds using Ludicrous Speed mode and the P90 is only slightly slower. The car can transport up to 7 individuals which can enter trough the automatically opening front doors or the rear wing doors called: Falcon doors.

Bio Hazard

Occupants of the Model X are probably safer in their car than anywhere else now that Tesla has implemented a so called ‘Bio Weapon Defense-mode’. The name of this mode is pretty self explanatory, but some explanation can’t hurt. This mode makes the car a enclosed cocoon shielding of bacteria and viruses. It’s safe to say that ‘preppers’ will love this car.

The Model X will be on the roads in the second half of 2016.