SCS happens in twofold and the first edition is just behind us, an event that reduces many other events to mere pieces. To give you an overview of the event we’ve created a gallery, a Super Car Sunday gallery that is.

The Super Car Sunday gallery was the only way we felt we could show you readers how insane the turn up was. Organized on the track of Assen, the list of exotics present was nearing the obscene. Weather played its worst during the day but created little nuisance, it did however create dramatic lighting all day long. Yes, we thoroughly had a good time shooting during the event. Wide-angle, portrait and tele-lenses. We used them all.

With the paddock being filled constantly with different cars, the most of the event was chaotic. Chaotic in a good way; stepping aside whilst a Porsche 918 crawls past you, an Aventador almost roasts your pants and you look to your side only to see a Ferrari 488 spin out on track. A little over 2 months and the whole thing is said to happen again, we’re already looking forward to next edition.