After Toyota released the facelift of the GT86 (which looked like a fish). Subaru’s facelift of their BaeRZ has been leaked without any disguise.

It may be the less known of the ToyoBaru siblings but the BRZ has always been the favorite of the 2 here at CJ.

The story continues as Subaru is ready to release the facelifted BRZ. And first impressions of it are positive.

The front bumper features the same styling as the current model but features more aggressive vents on the sides with little winglets.
Headlights have been refreshed and given a much more up to date look. Same has been done to the rear taillights which looked very bad in the pre facelift car. These look similar to a few aftermarket ones I’d get instantly on the old one.

Inside the interior has been refreshed with new buttons on the steering wheel, a new infotainment system and a new carbon look trim to complete the picture.
No details have been leaked on the mechanical side of BRZ. But let’s be honest if it’d have the same 5 hp upgrade as the new 86, you just won’t notice.

All these small updates makes the want even stronger with this one.
Release date is still unknown, we’ll be seeing the Toyota brother this week at the New York International AutoShow so stay tuned.