Shelby American must be one of the most well-known tuners in the world. Maybe it’s an insult to even call them tuners, let us call them creators. They have created two absolutely mindblowing cars for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. 

The first one has been given the name Mustang GT500 Dragon Snake. The “760 hp and 850 Nm”-strong Ford Mustang GT500 isn’t an underpowered car. Shelby just wanted more out of the 5.2-liter V8 and they got what they asked for. The horsepower jumped to 800 hp, give or take some. The exact number will be revealed when the car is shown. All that power is sent to the back wheels through a double-clutch 7-speed automatic gearbox. The Dragon Snake –got his name from a seventies drag racing pick-up– is lighter then the original and could get a widebody. If you think the spoiler isn’t enough.

A Ford F-150 is the second “victim”. The full name of the car is: Super Snake Sport F-150. Don’t you just love the badass names they give to the cars? The V8 in the F-150 puts out 750 hp and the appearance of the car is slightly changed. The F-150 sits lower to the ground, gets 22-inch rims and gets less noticeable bodywork –certainly when you look at that ‘Stang. Bigger brakes, louder exhaust and sharper steering were the last things they had to do.