Mercedes Maybach has just unveiled their all new S650 Cabriolet, sadly it isn’t the surprise everyone was hoping for. 

When Mercedes-Maybach dropped a teaser last week that showed a Maybach convertible, the world got excited. But all that excitement seems to be unjustified after the cover was pulled off the Maybach S650 Cabriolet just now, it’s practically a rebadged AMG S65 with some fancy accessories. 

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Powering the Maybach S650 Cabriolet is the same V12 as in the S65, an engine pushing out 630 horsepower and a nice round 1000 Nm. Although weight on this flagship hasn’t been disclosed, this engine output combined with a 7-speed and 4MATIC launches the car to a hundred in just 4.1 seconds. Suspension? A model-specific air-suspension system.

And that’s just it about this S650 Cabriolet, it’s something tailor-made. Something unique. And Mercedes-Maybach has pulled every trick out of its sleeve for us to believe that. Special wood trimming, a limited 300 model run, special bespoke suitcase sets and even the Swarovski-crystal headlight units come as standard. No extend chassis, no unique engine, nothing that really sets the Cabriolet apart from the rest.

There’s one thing very interesting about this car however, it launches a new range-topping engine for the Mercedes-Maybach brand. From now this engine will find its way to other Maybach models, complementing the S500 and S600.