The Russian coachbuilder Bilenkin combines classic car shapes with today’s technology to create the ultimate car. Recently, Bilenkin released their latest car: meet the Vintage.

The name of this car might suggest what you can expect it to look like. The looks of the carĀ are based on cars from the fifties and sixties. To be honest, they did their job well. Sometimes it’s hard to stay objective, but I think the Bilenkin Vintage looks simply stunning. If you take a closer look you will definitely see where they got their inspiration from, in my opinion this is a reborn Volvo P1800.

Photo via ClassiccarImages


Underneath the beautiful skin of the Vintage there is a BMW 3-series from the previous generation. Bilenkin uses an existing chassis and builds its own body. You can order your Vintage with any BMW E92 engine option, including the M3. That means that your retro styled Volvo delivers up to 400bhp. Bilenkin strips the BMW down to the bare chassis, leaving the safety systems intact.

Inside the Vintage

The interior of the Vintage is completely redone in any style you want. There are a few cool features that come as standard like the crystal gear knob and the BMW iDrive system that is transplantedĀ in the dashboard. Except for those, Bilenkin tries to use old-school material as much as possible.

Compared to other coachbuilders from this level the Russian can be considered as a bargain with its price tag of around 140k USD, excluding the BMW of course.