How to make something square look good? Ask Rolls Royce

It’s no secret that the English luxury-king is building an SUV, until now that was practically all the information there was about the Rolls Royce SUV. New information was dropped online by the brand today and sheds some more light on their first ever SUV. Sadly, this isn’t a massive press package. We get to see some images and Rolls Royce slams some marketing-talk in there as well.

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What the images do show is that this Rolls Royce SUV is already managing to look imposing and beautiful at the same time. It looks fairly high up on its legs, but don’t you dare think this is an SUV. No, the brand stated that the car will have no aim towards sport whatsoever. Like any Rolls Royce, their SUV will be the king of luxury, naming it a ‘LUS’instead of an SUV does seem weird though. Let’s not do that.

It does however wear the name Project Cullinan. This reffers to the largest uncut diamond ever to found on our planet. And that’s just it, this will be the biggest and baddest SUV out there. It seems like even the Bentley Bentayga will look cute in comparision to this beast.

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