Rezvani is to roll out two new models this coming year, a coupe and an off-road model to be precise.

The American manufacturer Rezvani revealed some interesting facts about their very near future in a chat with, facts concerning two new models. With one current model the brand is effectively tripling their offer with this move.

Rezvani Beast

Where the brand has only recently brought us the Beast X, being a reworked 700 horsepower Ariel Atom with carbon fiber body, a coupe and SUV are underway.

Gallery: Beast X

Some might directly link the SUV to the Ariel Nomad and for good reason but the correspondence didn’t confirm this sadly. It only stated the Rezvani SUV would be build on a approved platform. The Beast coupe doesn’t need that much fantasising however, just imagine a closed Beast X eating away at hypercar owners egos and you’re pretty much there. Keeping the occupants dry in the process that is.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this brand as the two models should be here before we reach the end of the year.