If you go back in time, you’ll notice that TVR’s history is…well, rather interesting. TVR was initially founded by Trevor Wilkinson and after he sold it in 2004 more owners followed. However, quite unexpectedly they announced a new V8 supercar.

Previous TVRs were utterly nuts with weird shapes and ridiculous power-to-weight ratios, due to plastic bodies. Although this design isn’t final, the new one however looks more seriously. A long bonnet, long wheelbase and GT-like proportions. The details though, show that this car must be a TVR. Eye-catching are the gaps on the sides that assume this car has sidepipes.

The T37, as it’s called inside the company walls, will have a typical TVR-ish drivetrain. That means a big engine, a V8 in this case, in the front and power to the rear. In between there is a manual gearbox and we suspect there are as good as no electronic systems that keep you from spinning wheels. TVR always strove for the purity of driving a car and it’s great to see that the current owner still doesn’t implant a quicker sequential gearbox. The engine is a Ford V8 that received some Cosworth fine-tuning. Let’s pin our hopes to the 5 litre. The only thing we know is that it will deliver somewhere around 450bhp.

Les Edgar, CEO at TVR says that the T37 will reach production somewhere in 2017. That is nine years since the last TVR left production line. He also wants to make the car a bit less spartan, by offering more comfort than we used to get from previous TVRs. We don’t think you can expect Aston Martin-like luxury, because Edgar doesn’t want the T37 to weigh more than 1100 kilos.