More juicy details have been released of AM-RB 001 and unsurprisingly, it’s not disappointing.

The AM-RB 001 is the lovechild Red Bull and Aston Martin are creating. It’s meant to push the boundaries of today’s cars and give a new meaning to what a hypercar is.

Today Aston Martin announced their technical partners who they’ll be working with to put all the pieces of the car in the right place and more importantly making every piece as good as possible.
Probably the most exciting part of the statement was about the engine, we knew it’d be a naturally aspirated V12 but now we’ve got some very interesting details about that monster of an engine.

It’ll be a massive high-revving 6.5L V12 (the One-77 had a 7.3L one) but it’ll be handed over to the guys from Cosworth. They’re the same guys who made the most competitive F1 engines in history along with some of the best road going engines as well.

Hooked up to the engine is a 7-speed paddle shift transmission designed and produced by Ricardo. If you haven’t heard about them, they also make the transmission for the Bugatti Chiron. It’s still unclear whether it’ll be a single or double clutch since the AM-RB 001 is on a massive diet to get to the magical mark of 1.000 kg.

Alongside the V12, Aston Martin has decided that it would need some battery power to pack a little more punch. And as with all the other components in the car, they went for the best player on the market right now, which is Rimac. They not only produce their Concept_One but also supply technology to bigger players in the industry. Newey’s child will have the most advanced lightweight hybrid system on the market.

The key to getting that 1:1 power:weight ratio is not only power but also the weight of the car. The monocel will be as light and strong as possible with the help of their old friends at Multimatic. They also developed the monocel for the One-77 and Vulcan.

We still don’t really have any solid specs yet but with partners like that and one of the best F1 teams backing you up. It’ll be a monster.