Earlier this summer we had a chat with one of Aston Martin’s main engineers about the Vulcan and the future of the brand. This included an electric model in the form of a Rapide and a performance version with 1.000 electric horses.

Introducing the RapidE

Aston Martin has lifted the cover of the RapidE concept, a sports sedan with a 550 hp electric motor designed by Williams replacing the V12 under the bonnet. The batteries should last for about 200 miles when you’re driving reasonably.

The car is mostly aimed towards the Chinese market but also to lower the average CO2 emissions produced by the brand. It’s a bit like the Cygnet but this is actually a more profitable solution than rebadging an iQ.

But this is only the start of this electric beauty, insiders have hinted at a performance version with 800 to 1.000 hp. These amounts of power will be sent through all four wheels because it’ll need all the traction possible to get the torque down to the ground.

The price should be around 270.000€, 70.000€ more than its less polar bear friendly sibling. Meaning this is no direct competition for the Model S but a more exclusive and luxurious option but Aston Martin’s CEO Andy palmer is expecting to sell 400 units a year with 100 of them sold to the Chinese market.